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Wireless Devices for Business Use

Recommended By: Administration & Finance Division
Approved: Ruben Armiñana, President
Original Issue Date: February 1, 2008
Effective Date: July 1, 2012
Contact Office: Administration & Finance Division

Policy #2008-5

Introduction of Policy for Wireless Devices

Appropriate administrators, along with vice presidential approval, will determine if an employee is required to be available by wireless device at all times for University business. Unit 3 employees would be included by specific voluntary reassignment, and appropriate administrator approval would still be required. Unit 4 employees would be included by specific voluntary acceptance, and appropriate administrator approval would still be required. Examples of wireless devices are cellular telephones and personal digital assistants.

    1. The university will provide an annual expense allowance toward (a) acquisition of the initial device and (b) an annual allowance toward service fees to an employee required to be available by wireless device at all times. The amounts will be determined by the appropriate administrator, based on his/her judgment of the amount of expected campus-required usage, but should not exceed the actual expenses incurred by the employee. The expense allowance will not be reportable as taxable W-2 income if the cell phone was provided for official university business reasons.
    2. The allowance is not re-payable to the University.
    3. The appropriate administrator may not use this expense allowance as a salary supplement.
    1. The Request for Wireless Device Expense Allowance form must be completed and submitted in order to apply for the wireless device expense allowance.
    2. Upon approval, the employee may choose the device and the service plan as long as the plan supports and is compatible with the use required by the University. The service agreement is between the employee and the provider; the University is not involved in the agreement with the provider.
    3. Device: An expense reimbursement for the cost of acquiring the device will be paid to the employee. The replacement timeline for each device shall be determined by the appropriate administrator. The employee may upgrade the device at his/her own cost. An employee acquiring or maintaining a wireless device under this program will provide the employer with the device’s telephone number. The original purchase receipt for the device must be attached to the request form.
    4. Monthly Service Charges: An annual expense allowance to cover basic service plan fees will be paid to the employee. The employee need not provide itemized documentation of personal use. The amount of the allowance shall be determined by the appropriate administrator and shall not exceed the annual cost of service. The most recent service plan bill must be attached to the request form.  If the employee modifies, drops, or changes the wireless device plan, Financial Services Accounts Payable must be notified to review potential taxable income which may be reported to the employee.
    5. No further expense allowances or reimbursements will be made. Any expenses above and beyond what is outlined here, including the cost of changes in telephone numbers are the responsibility of the employee and will not be included in the expense allowance.
    6. The University allowance is used to defray the cost of the use of the wireless device for University business. The employee shall make available to the University, upon University request, records of the business calls necessary to comply with applicable law and regulations; however, the employee may redact any personal information from the records provided. The employee agrees to retain wireless device bills for thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of said bills by the employee.
    7. For bargaining unit 2, 5, 7, and 9 employees, any provision not specified herein will follow the standard bargaining agreement or legislation

Where incidental use of a wireless device is required by employees who have not been provided a device under this policy, appropriate reimbursement would be provided under the procedures applied to non-travel employee business expense reimbursement. The form to seek this reimbursement is available through the SSU Finance forms webpage.